PROFF Campus Manager

Fully integrated, feature rich, easy to learn cloud-based WEB Service Solution that manages the complete life cycle of student administrative process from inquiries and leads to student registrations and generating contract agreements, setting up program schedules, managing student payments, attendance, marks and transcripts, graduations and terminations. This cost-effective web services solution will help start up institutes, small or medium schools, colleges or universities to maximize the operational efficiencies and minimize cost.

Remove compliance headaches and increase enrollments through effective student management and automation.

Generate T2202A tax forms with XML uploads, KPI reports, Prepaid unearned revenue reports and contract agreements that comply with PCC act.

Mobile access to Student portal.

Stay focused on campus management and let us handle the administration functions of your institute with Campus Manager.

Optimize operational costs and IT capital spending, Get into the cloud & access PROFF Web services for an affordable monthly service fee.

Get into the CLOUD and use efficient Web services from PROFF anytime, anywhere 7 days a week.

PROFF Campus Manager Product Line

  • Managing leads and student inquires.
  • Managing student registrations
  • Setting up programs and courses
  • Maintaining marks and transcripts
  • Student attendance
  • Student payments and services.


  • PROFF CAMPUS LITE with following
  • Generating student contract agreements that comply with PCC act.
  • Generating and uploading KPI reports.
  • Generating T2202A tax forms and new XML requirements for Revenue Canada
  • Generating and uploading transcripts.
  • Generating prepaid unearned revenue.
  • Generating acceptance letters.
  • Document management for student’s correspondence and other admin activities.
  • PROFF CAMPUS STANDARD with following
  • Developing campus web sites and integrating with leads management
  • Inventory management for books and supplies
  • Student card printing solution
  • Mobile access for student’s portal.
  • Exam engine for multiple choice questions
  • Survey engine for student’s questionnaires
  • Special customizations.
  • Data conversions from other systems.

Campus Management

Lead Management

Advance your marketing efforts and maximize enrollment by tracking leads and follow-ups with informational and statistical reports. Integrate with external tracking systems and automate your leads to Campus Manager. Evaluate performance of the sales force and compute commission.

Programs and Course Management

More than 25 templates available with define programs and courses. Amend the course cost and the number of hours and you are set to use the PROFF Campus Manager system.

Attendance and transcript Management

Manage the student hours completed for each course through attendance management or integrate with external system to import data to Campus Manager. Upload student transcript data to storage using powerful integrated functions from Campus Manager and reduce time and cost.

Financial Reporting

A multitude of new management and statistical reports for campus management. Generate PUR & revenue reports for audits and ministerial reporting. Export AR and other financial data to your accounting system with integrated solution.

T2202A Tax form printing solution

Generate T2202 Tax forms or allow PROFF web service access to students where students can generate their own t2202A tax forms. Avoide complecated, time consuming and costly T2202A forms preparation with effective, efficient cost saving solution from PROFF.

Registration Management

Eliminate compliance headaches with PCC act 2005 requirements. Transfer students from the lead management without any duplication of data entry efforts to registration and auto generate contract agreements that comply with the PCC act 2005.

Payments and Services

Generate student payment plans, manage student funding, tuition and other payments. Generate overdue, payment notifications and account statements. Generate financial reports by funding source & programs.

Inventory Management

Avoid the cash flow headaches of overstocking books and the panic when books are not available to the students at the start of the course by using effective and efficient inventory management system from Campus Manager. Save time and money with fully integrated PO and invoice management system. Automated PO to the supplier and keep track of partial orders.

Document Management

Have you realized how important is to maintain correspondence with your students & lecturers. Avoid litigation action by maintaining electronic document of all forms using Campus Manager document management system. Scan & save paper documents electronically. Save student e-mail correspondence directly from OutlookTM to Campus Manager student profile.

Student Card Printing Solution

Generate a student card with a barcode. Apply the barcoded student card to validte student access to class rooms and Monitor attendance.