PROFF Business Suite
Records Management
Retention Management
Disposition Management
Circulation Management
Document Management
Correspondence Management
Record Centre Management
Print Bar codes

PROFF X Interfaces
Direct interfaces for E-documents
MS outlook E-Mail Interface
Windows Explore interface
MS Word and EXCEL Interface
Projects, Legacy and tombstone Application Interfaces

Market Sectors
Federal departments
Crown corporations
Law offices (Legal sectors)
Campuses and colleges
School Boards
Private sectors

Professional Services
Project Classification Guide setup
Special Customization and interfaces to Legacy systems
Record Manager WEB services
24X7 support
Data conversion from other systems

Application Interface:
Business Suite Web version
Business Suite Client server version
Business Suite Web Services

DataBase Support:
ORACLE 9i, 10, 11g
MS Sql Server 2005, 2008
InforMix, Sybase Sql Server

Windows OS
WIN 7,8,10, Windows Server 2008, 2013



2016 Price List

Product Cost - Free
Maintenace cost per year

25 User License $7,500.00
50 User License $10,000.00
75 User License $12,500.00
100 User License $15,000.00

Corporate License Unlimited $20,000.00








PROFF Information Management Solution is a comprehensive modern solution recognized for its feature-rich modules, its simple yet powerful administrative functions and an easy to learn user interface which promotes enterprise-wide adoption . In addition to our product being amongst the best, our clients and partners will attest that our support is second to none.

Records ManagementPROFF

Documents Management

Docket Management for Correspondence tracking and workflows

Circulation Management

Disposition Management and Box maintenance

System Administration







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